About QuokkADB

What’s QuokkADB?

Use USB keyboards & mice on ADB-equipped Macintosh computers.

QuokkADB is a compact peripheral that allows modern USB keyboards and mice to be used with any Macintosh computer that has an ADB port. Its firmware is open-source, licensed under the GPLv3. Because it’s open-source, anyone can add support for different types of USB HID-based peripherals.

QuokkADB, Designed by Rabbit Hole Computing, is powered by ADBuino firmware, which Rabbit Hole Computing contributed RP2040 microcontroller support to.  QuokkADB requires no external power to operate, and draws the tiny bit it needs from the Apple Data Bus power line itself.


  • Two ADB ports, one which goes to the computer, the other to any additional ADB peripheral you’d like attached. 
  • One USB port, with limited support for USB hubs
  • Soft power-on button
  • Activity LED
  • Supports multiple mice and keyboards
  • Supports wireless USB keyboards and mice

What’s up with the name QuokkADB?

The QuokkADB name is a nod to the original USB Wombat. Quokkas (Setonix brachyurus) are small marsupials, approximately the size of a domestic house cat, and are native to southwest Australia, and are adorably cute.




QuokkADB is now available for purchase today